Needle vs Cannula

Needle vs Cannula

More and more often, the skilled injector will be asking themselves – Needle vs cannula?

Both options have their benefits and disadvantages depending on the on the treatment strategy.

The time-tested delivery method of dermal fillers is the trusty needle – and what wonderful work we can do with it! However, we also have another fantastic tool up our sleeves in the form of the microcannula – our blunt tipped friends that broaden the range of treatment approaches for the skilled aesthetic practitioner.


When to use needles:

  • When administering dermal fillers to a facial layer that is relatively LOW RISK e.g. superficial in the lip or deep on the zygomatic arch.
  • When aiming for fine, precise work e.g. shaping the cupid’s bow or philtrum columns
  • When treating the superficial dermis e.g. fine superficial wrinkle treatments with filler or skin boosters.


When to use cannulas:

  • When delivering dermal fillers to a facial layer that is relatively HIGH RISK e.g. superficial in the nasolabial fold or superficial in the temple.
  • When you want to reduce trauma, risk of bruising and down time.
  • When providing global facial volumisation and contouring in a superficial facial plane.

So which one is it?

Whichever tool you choose, there are no absolute contraindications for either tool. Operator skill, knowledge, technique and experience are key to being able to use either instrument with finesse and safety.

Let your experience guide you

As can be seen, the needle vs canula debate is not a question of which method is superior. When used appropriately, both are safe and effective options, depending on the indications and treatment plan. As skilled practitioners, we should strive to be confident and proficient with both instruments, to provide the best possible treatment outcomes for our patients.

Join us!

At By Design Academy, we always include the use of cannulas where indicated. Where appropriate, we always make sure our delegates are fully immersed in all treatment methods.

To get hands on instruction and experience using a cannula with confidence, join us on any one of our advanced training courses and keep and eye out for the upcoming Cannula Masterclass!



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